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Digital Intuition

And Bumper Sticker Wisdom
Random travel thoughts





What's Digital Intuition?

Well, in one sense, seeing someone flip a finger at you might be digital intuition but that is not the type I am thinking about here.

Instead,  when using digital devices or thinking about organizing data, you can develop an accurate, instinctive feeling in addition to conscious reasoning.

It is really a different way of thinking, a different set of metaphors to use, and a different approach creating solutions.

Recent Adventures

This website you are looking at is an adventure itself. Part of the adventure is I use this site for training purposes so sometimes I am demonstrating things that do not work. Don’t worry, the rest is fun!

Recent touring places include: Kolob Canyon Nationa Park, Snow Canyon Utah State Park, St. George, Loveland, Fort Collins, and several others.

Kolob Canyon National Park

Snow Canyon
Late Night Arrival Welcoming Treat