Create your Life Celebrating days


The lady was overly apologetic. She had just spilled her freshly refilled coffee on my white pants leg causing a large mess around our feet.

“Don’t worry, today is my life-celebrating day. Tomorrow these pants won’t matter at all.” I said, trying to console her as I reached for some napkins.

“What!” She exclaimed, a little too loudly I thought. “What do you mean those pants won’t matter tomorrow?!” Continue reading “Create your Life Celebrating days”

Getting two “Exactly”

I apologize to all those readers who require good grammar in a post title. However here’s the point: how many “exactly” phrases do you typically get in your conversations? See what happens when you get two.

It is a fun and interesting game that has a direct, beneficial result for you.

The game: try to get the other person to say “exactly” twice or more in a conversation without you making it obvious. Continue reading “Getting two “Exactly””